A suit case of history
A database of history, culture and heritage of Africa.
We tell the stories no one told you.
Who we are
We are a database of Africa's history, culture and heritage. We are in the business of preserving the past for the future.
We tell the stories no one told you. Our aim is to save the history of Africa, reinstate her culture amongst her people and to rewrite her story. In our community we believe that our story cannot be told by a stranger, for this reason this platform was born to rewrite the story of the African community and to ensure the world truly understands her potentials.

What our app
has to offer


Read about the stories no one told you and become aware of your generation and the generations before you. We make information easier to find by providing you access to a suitcase of history.


You think you know Africa and her people? Login and explore our IQ section on the app, when you are done you will thank us later. Wherever the story goes we go!


On our YTV we have exclusive videos of interviews we conducted on African entrepreneurs and career oriented individuals who has done well for themselves and contributed to global success.